Welcome home Esmeralda,
We are pleased to give them the most cordial welcome to our home away from home. At Casa Esmeralda, we strive to offer them a cozy and memorable experience during their stay. Before immersing yourself in the comfort of our facilities, we invite you to carefully review the terms and conditions that guarantee a harmonious coexistence for all our guests.

We hope you enjoy their time with us and find the perfect shelter for their rest moments at Casa Esmeralda!

The Esmeralda house team and the Fombona Valencia family.

Cancellation policy
100% reimbursement within 24 hours after the reservation (provided that at least 60 days are missing for the stay).
50 % refund* If you cancel at least 4 weeks before check-in
25 % refund* If you cancel at least 2 weeks before check-in
There is no reimbursement available once the reservation is confirmed.

Arrival logistics

The rules and policies their stay at home Esmeralda
Parking lot
Smoking policies
Pet policies
Rules for additional guests and visitors
Prohibited areas at home
possible sanctions to violate the cleaning rules or rates.


The payment process