Start with a strong welcome note

Arrival logistics
Are there any specific check-in policies?
Do guests need to contact you upon arrival?
Will you meet them at the property?
If so, these should be part of your arrival logistics. Any detail that is specific to when your guests first show up should be detailed early on in the guest book.

Check in Arrival 4

List important numbers and the wifi password
In many cases, your guests will be from out of town and will have no knowledge of the immediate area. It’s important to leave emergency contact information such as:

Local law enforcement
Fire department
Other emergency services such as emergency care clinics
You should also leave a primary and alternate number you can be reached at in case of emergencies.

Almost as important is the WiFi network name and password. If you offer free WiFi, write the steps to connect to your network. Include additional passwords as needed, such as alarms or the safe combination (if there is one).

What are the rules and policies of your property?

Smoking policies
Pet policies
Rules for additional guests and visitors
Prohibited areas in the home
possible penalties for breaking the rules or cleaning fees.


Example of a vacation rental guest book 2
Explain how your rental works

Offer experiences only a local would know about
What is the checkout process?