This is Playa la Saladita -- the famous left point. Saladita has been called Rincon Left. What it is is a gentle peeling left stacking up over a cobble bottom.  the wave face is gentle enough for novices and the length of the wave lights up any expert. On the beach Saladita has an old style ranch-mexico atmosphere. This is the place to come for a full on surf trip. The wave is good. The beach still has an authentic Mexican feel. You wont get a latte here. but you will get some quality surf in -- all a few steps out your door. Saladita is a great place for kids, families and just about everyone. 

It is easy to get here; just a half hour from the international airport at Zihuatanejo. Alaska and other airlines offer direct flights here from LA. You don't need a car once you are here. But if you have one there are a half-dozen other waves within an hours drive.